LFPF: Support Personae

(this is part of the articles on fora persons – who quits, who stays – what do they achieve)

Forums are populated by people in search. Support groups attract people needing support. Large Format Photography Forum has a few very dedicated members that provide a good indicator of types of people who consider themselves dedicated, having answers, being creative, probably consider themselves caring. Each group, in particular, those groups that have a position that is in decline within the large Real World, dedicate themselves to demonstrating the methods and modes of their path. LFPF holds a stated goal of “encouraging and enlarging” the use of large format photography.


Randy Moe …

“I dropped out at $20…”

why would this be important to him? Maybe it maintains support of his personae, support for his avatar presentation to the members of the bachelor herd. He is poor. Please help me. Thanks for the freebies.

small claims

Oh, maybe: ‘smart people don’t overspend, they make or make do.’


NOPE… this is that listing. I was the other bidder, c***b.

Randy was bidder BS


randy moe is B***S


They don’t gain knowledge… I am not on the forums; they serve only as research subject for me. The knowledge they distribute is conjecture and opinion… most of it not even from proficient or productive practitioners.

anyone with access to a community college library has access to more ideas about art, and more instruction in technique of photography

Oh, I was the one with the formula for Kodak Retouching fluid that “smelled right” …randyElixir

The Secret Ingredient == staybellite ester #10

How do I know? Easy, I used to make and sell retouching chemicals…