Shipping Photochemicals

If the law changed with regard to hazardous materials, then it would apply  while they were in transit to the B&H warehouse, while at the warehouse, even while they were transported to the retail store. At that point they remain covered by law. Stores don’t have an exemption. Further, federal regulations take effect on yearly basis, ie, Jan 1. The changes announced are for ammunition, and explosives, peroxides… besides, Ilford, Kodak, Ethol, etc. would change their labels, update the shipping classification codes; they would do all those things. The retailer doesn’t have to adapt anything, if they already had appropriate warehouse processes implemented.

This would seem to be an opportunity for Freestyle… but it won’t be, since they won’t have the capital to pursue  this. I just checked their paper inventory, finding that my typical purchase from B&H couldn’t be met. They don’t have enough.

B&H or Freestyle

My typical ‘semi-annual’ order of 11×14 paper. Some years I do this 3 times. The shipping charge of $50 is small portion of the total cost. B&H beats Freestyle on each line item, also, they stock large sheet count boxes,making my cost even lower. The price difference amounts to 8 boxes of paper. If I spent the Freestyle charge at B&H, I could add 8 more boxes of 11×14 paper.

For Freestyle to gain, they have to increase their inventory,or arrange drop ship. Freestyle is the shop for small volume darkrooms: students and casual consumers.