two sample young

image aspirations —
paths away from their origin.
corran makes water on rock pictures. where he started, he stayed., holmburgers: wanted to make original Klutes… he never did

destination was picture– one got there, the other did not. c wanted the standard picture of the forum he went to; chris didn’t. he started after a picture type; one doable with dye transfer. he got a major re-alignment — no longer doing pictures; gave up on dye transfer.

the pictures they wanted, working with another’s imagination, someone else’s process.

a mask– first mistake is to call it ‘correcting’
it is a piece of film atop another. it increases density, firstly.
they do not have to be silver, they can be colored, can be made of color film

what happens when you ‘print’ a c-41 neg onto a c-41 negative?
how will that ‘print’ look?