What’s Included?

IS THE WORK inclusive or exclusive…

layers of the portrait.. portrayal, example, at hand or

malick sidibe 14 apr 2015

asking ‘who is it’ early questions, easily answered (sub-text “is it important” why should I look at this how much will I have to look/see

reaching cross culturally

person personification personal

as example, as lighting problem, as proof of your own prestige, as class, as classification, as prototype archetype

affectionate / distant / aloof transient / uncaring — manipulative disingenuous

depiction not-fiction

the Scene … other people’s lives … everything external where commerce and price form the basic parameters of exchange

karsh resurrected homilies  … without humility

atheist homily

cookie cutter concept equals <> conclusion

what does the portrait portray ? the class cliche … pretense of dress-up .. honest at their interest … gain loss is never equal. there is no parity in this bit

small catalog to access for image. small dictionary of visual referents