Thin Ice

film is on thin ice.

When a major film maker, Kodak, Ilford, put film onto reduced production schedule, we are on the edge of another meltdown.

When production can be triggered by a handful of large users, film is in low use. This is a hotdog stand waiting for the game to end

Ilford makes 3 of my most used films. Ortho plus and SFX are coming up on short supply in the US. Apparently I have bought the last of the O+ from B&H several months ago. This triggered the special make run. Following up on the special, special run, I discovered that Ilford will be making O+ every other year.

Tough to make a business based upon a weak supply line. (bob carnie and friends)

SFX was also cleaned out, with only 28 rolls! So, I went to Freestyle and took what they had. That order is on the road, parked in Red Rock Arizona. Will be at my door in the morning.

I have said that I’ll be shooting film until 2020 – that may be optimistic, given the fragility of film supply. Film, that I use, has a decidedly film look, and use. Most films are made to eliminate grain, scan easily, produce flat/linear highlight and shadow rolls – These are all characteristics of digital’s innate performance; except, no need to scan – shoot and go.

What this means to me, is that I will have to order more – sadly, the IR type films don’t store, 3-4 years is their limit for extended sensitivity. The sensitizing dyes are only, just barely stable enough to last.

And so it goes.