Fomabrom Variant IV 123 BO

A new emulsion from Foma, one of my favorite companies. I tried some FBVBO…

Short Summary: good paper (the stock itself) handling very well through processing steps. Emulsion is slower than other Fomabroms. It is very dead matte when dried. It does lith, but like all Foma papers, exhausts Fotospeed quickly.

Appraisal: It liths, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the lith party; just another surface.

I doubt this paper was intended as a lith paper for the ages. The name and direction card call it a ‘bromoil’ paper. I don’t do bromes, and am tending toward even less dependance on the chemical vocabulary to engage my art.

Fomabrom Variant BO

Easy to use, slower than my other Foma papers. Will probably use this box slowly over the next year. Not a re-purchase. Too bad. I do love finding new papers. Maybe as I engage with it more than the 5 negatives of today, I will consider exploring it further. The last thing I do will be to use it in standard developers.

First impressions aren’t always lasting ones. At one time I hated Kodabromide.