wim wenders selfie

when you push against..

if you aren’t stong enough to push others away, you push yourself further from them

/after reading Wenders selfi lament/

wenders wanders memory lane until he loses himself in a selfie proclamation. every sin is found in a selfie. yah, i doubt it. as i read him through his word and picture he moves from shared self to other self. from his understanding to failures of others; attributing what he does wrong to what everyone must be doing wrong.

He has grown to prominence in a field in which he has control of all that is said, shown, worn or done – movies. A movie which happens to a passive audience. Movies light up a group and then throw them out so the garbage of commece can be cleaned for the next group of passive consumers can be enlarged with a big screen world.


camera phone was from 1968. the cellphone had a microphone, phone being an audio device. Phillip Kahn put a camera in that mice spot – one version they flipped, forward or back. Phones have always been personal, always been about the self, and the contacts of the life.

cell phonie to cellphi to selfieinstant stories