Lawson —

She is honest, sincere, forthright. Read her; hear her; watch her.

Arbus, Lawson, lighting

taking a simple approach to picture making: place your emphasis on what is to be pictured. what the camera sees. Get the whole frame exposed equally. Solves several matters: exposure, depth, movement. Everything can be frozen, even using slow films, cumbersome cameras.

This is the lighting solution used with the first color photographers. And as color TV came to the home, the studio lighting was broad, full, and frontal. Shadows and highlights had to be reduced to prevent screen ‘bloom’ — those ghosts across the TV — specters of technology.

We grow; new history comes, but old solutions remain, keeping the past vantage-point. Technology never answers anyone.

Technology carries culture

Reusing, or using a solution from past technology, from a past culture doesn’t overpower that culture; doesn’t revise that history; it renews it; it reasserts it ; it carries it forward. ATV culture; a TV set ; a TV studio built to prevent bloom, by reducing contrast when new color TV sets, new color cameras came into the household, that required an over lit scene. Full frontal lighting. Alive in this century.

If it looks like a passport; it is. If it looks like it was meant to put you in your place; it was.

No one ever freed themself by shaking shackles — that’s a magic act on TV.

Watch and watch again