Making Light

The obvious is overlooked. Our baselines aren’t noticeable. Seems and stitiches.

by definition: photography is about the light

How is it that the most photographed subject among the online film groups is landscape? A term they use without getting to its original meaning. In fact that original meaning is a touchy subject. When everyone photographs the same things, taking on the grandview established by the master — what room remains for their simplistic, simplified, scenic overlook version, but to think in process. Change the process; change your life, or at least keep moving toward the light.

By the light of the moon
they rhyme with spoon
will their prints come soon

“My photographs are all about the light.” — Yes, dear, aren’t they all.

In that vein, they work. Theme is often difficult; tough to understand. Over the course of a decade the personage modified his wording. He now has a ready answer to the questions about his choice of trees. It is a comfortable answer. He wears it often. The two pennies in his pocket are: the light, and the stuff it takes to make a carbon print. Comfortable slippers for retirement stories at the bar.