Developing Film –

The deeper dive into the way film develops.

from Haist

L.F.A. Mason:

  • approach of the developing agent to the surface of the grain.
  • adsorption of the developing agent to the grain surface
  • transfer of an electron from the developing agent to the latent image sight
  • conduction of the electron through the latent image speck
  • combination of the electron with a silver ion from the grain
  • deposition of the silver atom to enlarge the latent image
  • movement of other silver ions through the train toward the latent image site, leaving pits on opposite side of grain surface, where bromide ions are liberated

That is the way to developed silver, no matter how the magic soup is concocted — the magic brew never makes a silver bullet — merely a speck of silver and residue. This process proceeds in three dimensions: from the top of the emulsion downward. Like a sponge absorbing water. The agitation cycle, particularly the initial portion is the key to smooth development. In with the good chemical, out with the exhausted chemical. The breath of life for a silver born image.