Ctome on Shipping & Handling

art as a line item. Good for the small survivor shop. Rules to keep away the rabble while you continue to dabble.

Sometimes we post the reasons you shouldn’t do business with us. With these rules, we define our expectation — probably based upon a past dealing that failed. With these rules you eliminate future action. Why?

Perhaps because you are so “booked” that you can’t do the work. So booked, but unable, unwilling to expand your business, either with people or process. Seems like something that someone in their late ages should have solved in some way other than blocking the doorway.

Likely, this person has encountered lower interest prospects — time wasters, as it turns out. Time wasted because they don’t actually see your value. Why is that? What is it that you can’t present?

Today on the Johns site, ctome expands about custom printing – a major component is in the back room grit of shipping and handling. It is another extended sales piece — “It will be good, because, well, as I’ve said many times before: I am good.”

ctome on shipping
an exegesis on the shipping and handling factor of making art for the sale
done in[deep meaning] (parentheticals) {hiding the smell of old man stale humor}

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