helpful hindrance

answering a question they don’t have experience in
cause they need to be heard

parked car ... don’t need more information, they need more courage-- the power to try again. 

they always tell you what to wear to the dance .. they think you like the same music

always telling you what to wear, no matter how you dance

assume they know how to dance and aren’t merely jumping around showing off — remembering someone else’s memory

mark of an amateur : they cant tell good advice from bad, they are too filled with fear. biggest fear is of making a mistake. art is about moving without enough knowledge  -- that's what you are making

making a list 
key concept(s)
-- assembly process
pigment in colloid
wash-off processing
exposure hardens colloid to retain pigment
-- more exposure = more density, depth of layer

how to make your list
work from both ends
-- have a goal
-- know where you're starting
have distinct pages for each step so drill down isn't blocking your guide list.
don't get yourself lost with stacks of pages, references.
take each into notebook. stickies help