Doing Dye Transfer Nowadays

where to start when the game has ended

months of posts on the dye transfer group.ip pages

but only from one person, and only about one topic: their newsletter update.

only the ego keeps them going.

The Browning Meyers groupio has been in disuse for years. The only subscribers seem to be onlookers, hoping to see something. There is nothing to see since the people making dye transfers have moved onto other places to show and tell. To share.

That is the way of old fields managed by old hands. They want to grow the same old things. Their pictures are as empty of meaning as their jokes of humor. Tired, tried. In favor of standardized reproduction. The industrial over the imaginary. This has meant they discount and discourage the young — those drawn to film by cinema. Cinema in manner and meaning. As imbibition was born in movieland, it has been replace by this century’s movieland. The electronic is the eclectic. Dye transfer is no longer an option. The last small group has material enough to print their interests.

Dye transfer gave up the advantage of color variable controllable palette. Dye transfer was killed by the boring hobbyist, led by technicians and tech writers. Landscapes change faster than the landscapers.