mystery of assembly

overnight Dec 3 2022

can you duplicate the coating
can you make a copy repeat copy of a bad AIM/LAD?
if it is silver, can you print a high, mid, low tone?
like a mystery, how does it turn out.

a good beginning and a bad ending
work both ends, bring them together as you learn

i used to teach by show the end stage -- they knew where they were headed. that is also where some people excelled while many failed.
rollup was where the better people wound in the big labs

key parts of a transmission densitometer
-- light and filter
equipment poor: buying long before need
buying too much too use
prt 2
top to bottom
light, filters, film [exposure jigs] chems ---> est, eval
--- print /
light, tissue , chems, assembly jigs ---> transfer , print eval

once you have a cycle, button in the measurements , ie, densitometer permits future estimates ,, ifff your system remians stable as implemented.
greatest variables are locals -- the made to hand. by hand. did it dry, did it slip.