Loud Past

yes, in deedee… from someone seemingly informed by nostalgia rather than knowledge. Those one-hours were called “hot-heads,” or “crab-shacks” by the owners, employees — the people who had to man and manage them. They were so hot people didn’t wear underwear.. they stunk so much, malls didn’t want them near food or clothing. That’s why the idea of the booth in the parking lot took off… a solution to polution.

Loud Loui on the forum for forgettings

such a furor. a broken machine and a small time lab is distressed. Perhaps destroyed.

This leads us to the fantastic pastime of remembering past times. Even if those aren’t your experiences to own, you will make claims… they provide you with special views; special privileges.

The reality of the revival… it is in 35mm roll film. Mostly a thing of color. Mostly to be scanned. And the big bounce thing, that birthday of renewed interest: it depends upon cities with twenty-somethings re-iterating their parents. The typical number of rolls shot is less than 20 per user, after which they look for someone to buy their camera.

Oh, they never put aside the digital kit. Actually, old digital point and shoots are the current, 2022/23 sales impulse. 2004 is the new fad, not 1984.