Holding: serious jello

holding onto jello
the past becomes your mistake

anger is an anchor that pulls you under so far you can’t understand
digital in a chemical forum… 
in a decade it becomes the most used image tool of the same group

One person changes over time on one of the original chemo-photo forums.

the mod takes umbrage, feels insult from the newcomer… he makes this serious.

A newcomer seeks kinship thru conversation about a chosen camera. They bring an opinion of what photography, large format photography is. Google or friendly link blogs sent them to the “place” of repute. Too bad: dispute arises, to the point that they are called a “troll,” that notorious disturber of early internet spaces. Trolls asked questions not for answers, but for induced dissension. Almost every newcomer seems trollish even though they’re just not accustomed to the customs… they don’t know who and how to bow. Over time, they usually leave.. the non-troll. The NT realize they are asking the correct question of the wrong people. Perhaps the wrong time.

Seriously, this forum did discuss things in the “lounge” the members only area that goog/bots don’t browse. Why topics are brought into the large open net isn’t known to me. In the case of this forum of declining membership, they began allowing small format, even digital postings as long as they didn’t involve ‘technical’ discussion. This should mean that they are only allowed to discuss imagery; no tech talk. Sure enough these threads have exploded in length, however, as you should expect, the discussions are about the lens, camera, filter, software… that is, they are technical. These members stumble over anything other than process or purchase.

Their tastes don’t change even though their techniques do. They make the same pictures they always did. They see the same no matter the camera. Their pictures came from the 50s; were perfected before they hit their fifties and can’t change now that they are in their endings.

Blocking others also blocks yourself.