dpdone. Amzn moves on

so, when the sales desk closes, what do you lose? Or, when your only friend is an invisible salesman from the camera counter. \Scott Everett announces that dpreview.com to close; layoffs. Hardly lost information.

Amzn, like fuji, has learned that blood is green; healthcare is the field to harvest. Reviews have ended. Click-stops are no longer clickbait. The ad aggregation is less valuable. Isn’t that to be expected? After all, how many times do you need to express your opinion of a camera strap.

What is lost? Da net seems concerned. Maybe just another loss of their common meaning. Limited purpose is limited value.

details of the how. so the big questions were such things as “best focal lenght”

something along the lines of hem length.. does this make her butt look big enough’

Gear Sheds close. The need for opinion has diffused. We know you’re a link spot, not feeding but selling. Not feeding us, but eating off us. The information lost is gossip from a sales counter. Information lost that wasn’t worth keeping … who mourns that? Perhaps those who wish they’d have written it .. they miss the opportunity.. they miss another chance to jabber about the end of photography; their view of it.

The Weekend is over. The gossip rag wasn’t worth re-reading anyway. the checkout counter telling you what to check out. Maybe of use for the naive, but was it worth keeping. That isn’t a history. They are old bingo cards as in the days of specialty magazines and trade-show door stops. The end of DPReview signals little. It doesn’t mean the end of a field, just the changes in the field. No more need for a brag piece that puffs the same corn about what matters. A consumer report that is hardly consuming, let alone informing, or interesting.

TOP defends. MJ claims mature artist status.

Mature means influence. Adding to, or making clear via your work. at some point in aging, you may mature, becoming more sophisticated in making art. in short you may give yourself permission to use tools to your advantage. never trap yourself in the goddamn basement.

Just one question. Missed. And done. Not a very deep thinker, even back then. Most salesmen are expected for stories, not for ideas. So, a wordsmith becomes a craft-shill. On top of the hill of dropouts.

For the weekend worriers — did they buy the right thing. It has rankled those in that business. Those people who have spent their life, month to month thinking they were adding to the grand scheme; in the end, at their end, realizing that what they dis was add to land-fill filling time, other peoples time.

They wrot without becoming writes. They wrote about photography without becoming photogaphers.