Large Format Closes

The conversation has ended. The last of QT’s gymboree have called it quits. Down is their holder, up is their phone.

not with a bang… but Oh, what a whimper

They no longer listen with open ears. Perhaps thinking yourself a higher being, being that you use a big camera, thins your blood and your skin.

Worser, even. The web pages of the published members … a collection of 404s.

“Published work — Not Found”

… so it goes. Advice from the lovelorn

When they can’t keep a stream or a thought. simple things become big bad loud things. the mods don’t seem to understand that the one person they keep is the one they should quiet.

small questions with Big Ego responders are more explosive than any bare spark in a room filled with nail polish… even the gossip girrls know that.

Of course the Forum hasn’t Closed. I think it is long past any new information. Not that there isn’t something more to say, or say in a more refreshing way, however, the people with honesty and honestly interesting stories have long since abandoned the premises. The promise has failed; the reason is past. It will remain, since QT and friends have, apparently, nowhere else to go.

This is their stomping ground; their piece of the pond.