abstraction … notes for photo-school

matthew collings … bbc questions about

Matthew Collings (born 1955) is a British art critic, writer, broadcaster, and artist.  presented documentary films for the BBC on individual artists, such as Donald JuddGeorgia O’Keeffe and Willem de Kooning, as well as broader historical subjects such as Hitler’s “Degenerate art” exhibition, art looted in the Second World War by Germany and Russia, Situationism, Spain’s post-Franco art world and the rise of the Cologne art scene.


jack whitten  2 minutes


Born in Bessemer, Alabama in 1939, Jack Whitten is celebrated for his innovative processes of applying paint to the surface of his canvases and transfiguring their material terrains. 

photographer Lester Hayes–Almost 100 years old, Lester Hayes was a pioneer of Abstract Photography. He took photographs of ordinary things, using a sheet of mylar plastic shimmering in the breeze, to produce stunning images, and he did it all with the brand new Kodak Instamatic. Kodak awarded his ingenuity with a major one man exhibition in New York City, but became disinchanted when Hayes discovered a tiny flaw in the camera that ultimately contributed to its demise.”

aperture … book rexler  teaches at SVA