Work Update: May4, 18

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wide range. color shifted is the easy link. as always I continue looking beyond what I’d get if I left it all alone. These, like most things I pick, have a natural link which is so obvious to me, after I’ve pulled them from the camera, I don’t have much else to do but point.

With these I continue. At least one of em will get use again.

Picture Post: Apr 23,18

posting more of my instagram postings here where they stay together. Having just posted some weekend linecuts, felt I should also provide my recent (within 7 days) edits with tones – mostly color worlds working here.

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there are 2 orphans in this show. I already know where, with what, they belong. The other stuff, oddly, also will probably find homes among 3 other groupings.

some of this appears in my instagram feed, but mostly not. My RSS is the best read of my ongoing work, that or bring me fresh fruit