Every Picture Tells A Lie

single image -> paired image -> picture story -> picture book ->
Photography has become a storyboard. The illustrator’s tool for advertising clients has become the means of telling a photographer’s tale.
Occasionaly, the images form close units, revealing what they are about. More often though, the one image lifts the weaker one. Sometimes, early in working the problem, the weaker lowers the stronger, as it is strengthened. Like children swimming too far beyond the shore, beyond their legs.

Sebastian’s Method

I was informed that you mention I work as a printer for Sebastiao Salgado. As a matter of fact, I am only developing films for him. The prints are made by his printer, Dominique Granier.

Contrary to what is generally said, A49 is not like Agfa Atomal. Atomal didn’t have any paraphenylenediamine in it but A49 has some. I use A49 specifically for 220 TXP at 1+1. A49 might not work well with other films. For many b&w films, D76 is still a very good choice.

Contrary to what is also said, Tri-X 35 mm film was not developed with Rodinal in Salgado’s work. He prefers not to have too grainy images.

Best Regards,

Philippe Bachelier