Detail Expands the Lie

ways of the expert ..

Truth takes fewer words than a lie.

If you don’t know, you ask. Who answers — how they answer reveals much about them. What you accept reveals more about you. If you tolerate a liar, a buffoon, are you tolerant, or a buffoon? How is your visitor to know the difference. Isn’t it more likely that the quits vs. the stays are better aware.

What does every detail mean? In the case of response for evidence.

What are the foundations of question / answer forms; are they the W’s: who, where, when, etc. If someone says they are going to reveal, what is it that they are to reveal? When someone lays claim to history, a story used to convince you of some action you should take, what does it take for you to believe enough to follow that guidance?

A brief statement filled out with more words, while lacking checkable facts. These are what is stored on the forums. Claims made in self-defense, by those with low self-esteem.

more words.. I looked for something that might be considered a checkable fact.

— where: high-end, pricey, downtown San Francisco

— what: rare, very early photos

— what: lawsuit; bankruptcy

— when: the 80s

Expensive indeed. $7K per print would have been much more than the price at auction of established prints in 1985. Although, one of a kind…

What could have been in the storage bin to erase images (Ag, Plat, what) in six months. Wonder what those at RIT, CCP, or the Getty could tell us about image permanence and fiber-board outgassing speed of destruction?

And claim of authority, Friends of Photography.

Certainly a purchasing clerk from a hardware/door-store would have access to a customer list.

How much does an unnamed name-drop mean to you?

apparently, only enough to confirm your own opinion of the topic.

the elaboration was more words. even more claims without fundamentals of fact.

How much money would he(you) have to make processing orders to give up a print sale business, one where you sold at a “more pricey venue” than $7-8K per print? What does Truitt & White pay now?

2021 wages. Truitt & White. A Pella window and door store

The Expert:  three key characteristics: competent, qualified, and principled. Citation: Smith, K. (2021). An Expert – Common Key Characteristics. Academia Letters, Article 4181. 

One source of prices in SF: 1985 SF auction catalog of photos sells $200- $875 [1985+Winter+Quarterly .pdf]

Bay Area gallery early information:

Every Picture Tells A Lie

single image -> paired image -> picture story -> picture book ->
Photography has become a storyboard. The illustrator’s tool for advertising clients has become the means of telling a photographer’s tale.
Occasionaly, the images form close units, revealing what they are about. More often though, the one image lifts the weaker one. Sometimes, early in working the problem, the weaker lowers the stronger, as it is strengthened. Like children swimming too far beyond the shore, beyond their legs.