Adobe Cloudscape

photoshop is D-72, as lightroom is dektol. with the cloud change, Adobe told you what Kodak never did – you aren’t the future of the image space

the still image is just poetry; meanwhile everyone else has gone to the movies.

Updated as Fuji prepares its departure from the darkroom — April 2018

unlike the movies, there is no concession stand to pay the employees to maintain an empty theater. Fuji’s coating is minuscule compared to its colorant chemistry division. Their patents are now for sensor and inkjet chemistry. The darkroom is no longer profitable.

Once again: a truck stop on the interstate makes (earns) more in a month than Ilford does in a year.

Progress Progression

first their is the announcing entrant; then the flurry of others– one of these will become the victor, the stakes winner, however, the biggest winner is next, what comes after this first victor.
The big winner is the one who defeats this first big victor– these are the googles, the instagrams. They never happen in the first 5 years. The winner of that first skirmish will be lucky to survive, they do so only if they were acquired and have a comfortable owner.