Easy Step: registration

Registering film for printing (optical) isn’t a mystery. It is simple, but has changed, with increasing complexity of mechanism making easier, more certain, faster production of picture.

At first, the method was: cut-n-butt. This was the way wash-off relief (dye transfer) was done. And done for 15 years.

Needed: straight edge, knife, tape, loupe and good eyes.

Watch out for blood.
first way to register

Printers and animators had other means and methods. More about that in the “registration” posts.

Photography Is Small

photography began as small, which meant it had to have details

because it was precious personal small… miniature, momento

small enough to carry, like a smartphone. smooth, polished, thin, like a smartphone

something that was shared with heads bent toward it, like a smartphone at a table

photgraphry stopped time and traveled across space. traveling by bringing end points together

like the web

photgraphy left objecthood centuries ago

objecthood is sculpture, is painting striving for its canvas – sculpture has walked off the plynth, painting from above the couch replaced by big as life postcards from the camera