Calvin and the Shallow Market

The try-buy: one order to try, then done.

A one-buy try and done. The curious will lead you into market deserts — a product for his own use if more useful.

The pigment market exists because of the failures of …. nope. It exists as an extension of the alt-photography born in the alternative 60s. Finding a different way, a distinct path was a significant landscape of the 60s conversion of photography and art. Pigment printing, gum or carbon is advanced as being archival, long-lasting, and durable; far more lasting than dye-based photography.

“After two years of research, the Natural Pigment color pastes are now on sale. I also restocked the synthetic pigments, and updated the yellow. “ 2022

I thought the pigments didn’t succeed in market, but reading his current site, they are all in stock, in different packaging than before, ready to ship.(Jun 2023) ‘rl’

Often, shallow markets are maintained by persons supplementing their worklife, bringing skills of one field into another. Electronics crosses into chemical darkroom.

// pools: why don’t they readily form? LFF /Kodak requires proper intermediate — success bridge gap// age-skill

ability to recover. resilience after failure. time to fail. Salvich/Efke ..

//how does Backer Market work, succeed in funding success.

Can it support you, how well, for how long. Can you grow; more people, more products.

Why aren’t others making, doing what you do? Questions any investor would ask; ask yourself. Sometimes the only answer is that it is the only thing you can do to satisfy the deeper part of yourself. That part unreached by financial analysis.

Your reason can be, as many people’s are: you hangout with interesting people.

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See. Stop. Click

We walk around, make our way to or from something. If we look with easy eyes, arrangements, occasions, even sounds prompt attention. Further inspection, reaction. Most of us, for most of the time are more involved with something else to see what is seeable. People drive thousands of miles without seeing what they drive past so they can do what they think is expected; do what the great-one did.

Three instances of misses, and the effort of making them. These are all part of the infinite roll. They aren’t edited; not even change of exposure. They remain direct phonecaptures.

I notice something — not a snake. has a shiny part. So, I make an exposure. This assures that the angle, first surface of the render is made.

walking closer, make another exposure.. it will need post to succeed. As it is, it fails.

Inside, a mirror and shop display. It must be something. Feels like it, because of the light patterns. As I adjust my position things arrange themselves. Three tries. I’m tempted to move the mirror; even the bench. I don’t. This isn’t a studio shot. If it were, I’d feather the lights. Make changes to the surface of the mirror. Dulling spray applied locally.

Three it didn’t work. If it had been on film no chance of getting that image — film that could have done it would be cinema film.

Outside; windows with words. Breaking the scene into one word pulled apart. It fails. The bush that would do the main “obscuring” isn’t dense enough. This could be retouched. Not certain this is worth the effort, given the format of the file — too low pixel density. Is it worth the return with the Phase Back?

We can see before we can walk. We can walk before we read. Everything leads us toward understanding.

If you think it might be something, make it into that something. If you can’t; if it just doesn’t work, make the effort anyway, otherwise, you won’t know, and if you don’t know, you don’t learn. The main learning isn’t about the how of things. It is the other part of things.