Cost of Emulsion Printing/ 2022

Dated, just because, not because I will update this post. This was an impulse topic that has expanded to because of a recent youtube viewing.

Simple facts: assume you shoot 4×5 B&W film, and make 16×20 prints. What is one pass thru the process cost, excluding chemicals. Yep, a big exclusion. You can add your own chemical costs, right?

I used big search, two online stores were used; I just wrote the lowest and highest prices:

  • Film (4×5): 25 sheet at $1.60 per sheet. 100 sheet at $2.00 per sheet.
  • Paper RC (16×20): 10 sheet RC at $4.90 per sheet. 50 sheet RC at $5.60 per sheet
  • Paper FB (16×20): 10 sheet FB at $6.00 per sheet. 50 sheet FB at $7.00 per sheet

What surprised me was the quantity pricing; it isn’t cheaper buying more. That is because we see different brands offering different sizes. High quantity brands are also the more expensive brands.

Youtube. A source for much information. One person has matured greatly in their presentation – not so much in caliber or skill, but in information quality. They are polished, and have been for years. That’s why they have large following. Look and voice.

The following video seems remarkably useful. It is about film from a moderate technical vantage point. It should be, she is a spouse of Mirko (of Fotoimpex/Adox.)

Film Grain Types

Not my preference in demeanor, but it gets you there.

Additional notes: toward enlarged negatives

*first stage film:
-- delta 100 $215/ 100, fp4 $211/100
*second stage:
ortho+ $190/25 (8x10) or special order. limited options of time / sizes

ULF; ilford, fp4
OR Bergger
11x14 198 euro / 25
50.8cm x 10M euro 354
20" x 33'

ULF fp4 12x20 $559/25

2022 vendors(US):

--Badger Graphic Sales,
1225 Delanglade St.
Kaukana, WI 54130
Phone: 920-766-9332
Email: Web:
--Blue Moon Camera and Machine 8417 North Lombard Street Portland, Oregon 97203
Phone: 503.978.0333
41 W. 22nd. St.
New York, NY 10011 Phone: 212-741-2990 Web:
--Freestyle Photo & Imaging Supplies 12231 Florence Ave.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Phone: 800-292-6137
Email: Web:
--Glass Key Photo
1230 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94109 Phone: 415-829-9946

--Hunt's Photo & Video
100 Main Street,
Melrose, MA 02176
Phone: 800-221-1830
--Central Camera
230 S Wabash Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: 312-427-5580
Email: Web:
--Don’s Used Photo Equipment 2731 Irving Blvd,
Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: 214-630-4062
Facebook: Don’s Used Photo Equipment
--Midwest Photo
2887 Silver Drive, Columbus, OH 43211 Phone: 866-940-3686 Web:
--The View Camera Store
9698 N 130th Street Scottsdale, Arizona 85259 USA Tel: (480) 767-7105