Overnights: Sat 25

Jigs made film testing easier. Commercial ones meant that those without skills or machine shops could have easy systematic emulsion testing in their lab. The Cine-pro company also had some of the best stainless trays ever made. None of it was cheap … prices were on the order of a few days pay for the average lab worker.

what motivates
the maker isnt always known… usually it is reaction … either to a known, but as likely to an unknown, even a rejection.


  • The Flexichrome: visual examination and scientific analysis of an overlooked color process – Nayla Maaruf, Sylvie Pénichon
  • Photography and Doubt – Andres Zervigon
  • Photographic Ritual: Visual Conditions of Behaviour and Definitions of Self – Lyuba Encheva
  • The long-term development of three-color Kodachrome. An odyssey from the additive to the subtractive method of color reproduction. – Nicolas Le Guern
  • The Fall of the Idol: Negotiating Authorial Intent and Controversy in Art – Juney Thomas
  • Photobooks of Found Photographs since the 1960s: New Neorealism – Mirelle Thijsen
  • Algorithmic Image – Dr. Daniel Rubinstein
  • Art Involving Computation vs Computational Art – Rosemary Lee
  • On the Verge of Photography: Non-representational Imaging – Dr. Daniel Rubinstein, Johnny Golding, Andy Fisher
  • Light Emitting Diode Color Estimation: the Initial Study – Linas Svilaini


natural color / derived
observed, considered/ forms of consideration
imbibition wo inhibition