Labnotes–Feb 24

 two ways of minimizing dye bleeding. We always dried our 
prints on a drum dryer. The other was not to condition paper for more 
then thirty minutes. Any left over paper was used for test prints. — dye transfer

Other notions collected this week

Early reference made to Three-color methods and processes with special detail about Jos-Pe and Pinatype.

I’ve been going through notes on matrix making along with tanning methods: why developer replaced bleach.

finding the person behind the process leads to much more information about the process. These two people were the keys to Kodak’s emulsion coating discoveries. Nadeau and Starck are on many patents that would be key to making matrix film or Flexichrome emulsions.

While digging into the past there is the challenge of staying focused, limiting attention, and missing serendipitous materials such as: