overnight: 4.23.23

When you hang out alone the Internet [2016]

motors jump, everyone is down Highway ,have to consider that you’re either going to turn in 

,or if your courageous smart you’ll turn away from, leave that place, but since you don’t, mean this is your primary steel place, so therefore, these must be the only skill to have

the internet isolated spaces

hang out with charlatans, frauds, and stalled thinkers, you will be seen as belonging

Translating Siri Type. the Para Puzzle may never unscramble. Probably written while driving, seeing the tailliaghts of drivers. Do I swerve or continue.

continuing with this date: from the board, this

Board notes

A historical impact nil in IL

Chemistry glitching

Types of skill or level a form of distinction

Europe and the old West versus the next world the new east


 words, clarification
— best (only a question to ESL missing good, better, best)
— straight (only a question to the Ahistoric amateur)
— amateur (more than one type. which is the problem with both types)

HC-110 … Highly Concentrated. DK50+60

Kodak Honey

Kodak Bizway

Kodak insisted that, in return for its cooperation, it be allowed to sell instant film for Polaroid cameras in its own hallmark yellow boxes. This kind of head-to-head competition was simply something Polaroid could not abide, and so the two companies went their separate ways; Polaroid designed and built its own facilities to manufacture the film for its new system, and Kodak stepped up its ongoing research to develop its own instant products to compete with Polaroid’s.https://www.businessinsider.com/kodaks-response-to-the-polaroid-camera-2016-7

  • Kodak vs Shutterfly’
  • Kodak Technicolor Consent decree