Definitely Digital: GENERATIVE SYSTEME

Gottfried Jäger (*1937) Jäger has been part of some of the most iconic computer art exhibitions of the 1960s, such as New Tendencies  (1969) in Zagreb, Experiments in Art and Technology  (1968) at the Brooklyn Museum

generative photography.

the network image

Just estimating from the number of YouTube subscribers, the generative/network image makers and curators are no threat to the Film Experience broadcasters. Two different approaches to film, PersonA & PersonB have more than 13,000 subscribers with more than 100 likes on their most recent posts. On the other hand, one of the above Digital posts has only 2 likes and less than 200 views as of this post.

And meanwhile, the industrial base of chemical photography is noticeably fragile. It is said by a German participant in the industry, says that their chemistry sales support the R&D into their emulsion+ business. Without profitable developer sales, there is no development within the business.

ai is generative grown up
made better by becoming a better student

human computer interaction
machine man interface
made to become credible; to understand conversation, the emotion part.. science being told art is communication of emotion.

art became their teacher.
the turing test. beyond counting and classifying images, to finding them, to making them

hci human computer imagery