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the first Social Networks, before the grand IPOs, were specialty bulletin boards started & run by technicians for hobbyists; often their hobby.

The remaining active boards are self monitored, well segregated groups that are subject to changes in habits. What they do, mainly, is talk among themselves about “dog house” issues. The most frequent posters are most active over social matters; this is the reason that the social network sites have grown so large, so quickly, and will probably take over the conversations conducted by the “old boards.”

Recent update: scans at 7AM, & 7PM for a week produced these average values for 2 boards; the one dedicated to a self described ‘elite’ photographer’s niche; the other is a digital focused board which serves the high density MFDB hobbyists.

FILM BOARD: Members 34,219 Active Members 3,192  16 posters 11 threads

DIGITAL BOARD: Members 5,470  282 users online. 34 members and 248 guests  29 posters 7 threads

The large format forum prides itself on a “large active” membership, while actually few, very few members post. They also post most actively on the “dog house” threads. Topics about themselves, or about non-photography topics — something everyone is prepared to provide an opinion about.


The smaller digital board heats up mainly during product announcements, otherwise its active threads are over shared imagery. Most of the responses to the pictures mimic those of the Film Boarders — “nice” “well done” “great lens” “what type of ” “where is that at”

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How To Be Banned From Large Format Forum

Getting banned in just 4 easy posts…

I signed on, clicked the confirmation link supplied by the signup process, then made one post. The following day I made 3 more. In thinking about the post about cyan stain, I realized I could provide a chemical test to determine if the stain was contamination, so I returned to the sight to find that: Banned for- no reason specified; Ban lifted: Never.


You have been banned for: No reason was specified

Post: the forum founder made a presentation, inviting all his followers. They posted appreciations. I asked them to consider:

did the gathering provide more than an appreciation .. anything gained for your work; understanding or direction. Did you learn something that increased, or altered your understanding of other photographers; other artists?

Post: a frequent poster asked about shooting equipment of use at a political rally. I suggested small, easy….(clearly not large format, but he said he had that answered already)

olymmpus pen ft

NIKON L35AF POINT & SHOOT (Daido style)

Post: a long time, and vocal supporter of the site asked for reasons for using large format cameras.

the definition of a process by mechanical size restricts advantage (disadvantage) to mechanics. Certainly view cameras are ‘large format,’ but then some ‘flat tech’ cameras hold large sheets of film. large film is an advantage in mechanical, or hand processes since less skill is required to make changes and alterations. I don’t see any such assembly imagery on this forum — (only looked back a few years of images)

Post: a new poster was trying to print color in the darkroom, and was having problems with color balance. He indicated that the color was “all over” — common in early lab work. Having taught color to hundreds of first timers, this seemed easy.

if the color is in the border of print it is a ‘stain’ – either chemical or optical ‘fog’

post 2 (this thread) had the 80% reason for cyan stain: carryover or splashover from bleach into developer.

 I expect that someone complained. Since the ban occurred within 2 hours of my post in the “view camera” thread, coincidence taps its finger on someone following those answers finding my viewpoint objectionable.

Does it matter, being banned? Not to me, since I’ve nothing to gain by having access to the forum. The discussion remains by design limited to discussion of technical methods to sheet film imagery.


If you follow my prior posts (tagged: fora) you will find specifics about some of the limitations of the major fora.