Getting Wratten Filters

ask the source. always check the manufacturer before you ask the fans of the forum.

Within the Kodak Motion Picture Catalog you find a world of products. This has become the major reference of what Kodak provides for photography. It is at:

A pdf that has been saved to so even if the above url goes inactive try the wayback machine for their copy. I always make copies of useful finds to my own reference wiki/cloud store.

I was looking for filters to make pan film into ortho. I have old filters but wanted to check for upgraded versions. Yep, available. For about the price of 6 rolls of Ilford Ortho+ which I don’t expect to be a regular catalog item for many more years.

Spend time getting data, technical pdfs from Kodak’s motion picture section. It is the last repository of Kodak’s once grand marketing information service.

the dead cat bounce is small (in a few millions):

Selling film to Hollywood is only a small fraction of Kodak’s business — and not about to restore the company’s former fortunes — but it’s bringing back a bit of glamour to the photographic icon.

The company sold more 65-millimeter film, its largest format, last year than ever before, Bellamy said. That size is used on productions such as large-screen Imax Corp. films, as well as the newest James Bond movie. Film proponents say the medium offers a softer, warmer, grainier look that makes outdoor scenes brighter and can be more flattering to actors. — bloomberg